Advantages of solar for the environment

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Solar is a renewable energy source, pollution free and helps households to reduce their energy costs. Here are some other benefits of solar you may not have known of.

Reduced air pollution

An advantage of using solar energy is that it is entirely pollution free. Pollution is bad for the air we breathe, and has been linked to poor health symptoms such as allergies, asthma, pneumonia and bronchitis etc. Pollution is caused from harmful emissions from burning fossil fuels, notably carbon dioxide and methane gases. Electricity generation using solar panels produce no harmful emissions.

Slows down impact of climate change

The emission of gases from burning fossil fuel also contributes to climate change, through the greenhouse effect. Where gases such as carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere, they absorb the heat from the sun and raise the temperature of the earth’s surface. As solar power is more frequently used, we can reduce the emission of greenhouse gases as solar generation produces no emissions.

Uses less water

Traditional energy production methods uses a lot of water, used for cooling generators or for processing and refining fuel. Especially in Australia, we live on the driest continent on earth which we run the risk of running out of fresh water in the future. Solar Panels on the other hand do not require any water at all, reducing our reliance on a precious resource.

Stop using fossil fuels

Fossil fuels have shown to have caused some permanent consequences to our planet, moreover they are finite resources and it is not sustainable to keep using them. Switch to solar, to have lower energy costs and enjoy free source of energy for years to come.

Smaller carbon footprint

Solar energy is the cleanest source of energy you can get, it is free and does not emit carbon dioxide. For those in mainland Australia, we could offset half to 1 tonne of carbon dioxide for every megawatt hour solar energy used, help reduce your household’s carbon footprint and contribute to the Australian Renewable Energy Target.

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