Is a 6.6 kW system right for me?

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Solar pricing is getting cheaper and over the years, the average system size is gradually increasing, nowadays a 6.6 kw system is becoming the most popular system size.

The 5 kw System

Most people opt for a 5 kw system with a 5 kw inverter, as that is the maximum you can install for a single phase household. However, calculations have shown it better value to install 6.6 kw of solar panels along with a 5 kw inverter. This is allowed as according to the Clean Energy Council guidelines, you are able to oversize your system by 133% which amounts to 6.6 kw (5 kW x 133% = 6.6kW).

Benefits of a 6.6 kw System

  • A 6.6 kw System produces about 24 kwh a day, which is more than ample for the average household, and allows for future-proofing as it is a great size to install a battery.
  • Maximize the amount of STC’s you can obtain without having to upgrade to an 6kw inverter, whereas 5kw inverters have a bigger range and are cheaper.
  • It has the best estimated pay-back period, 2.5-4 years compared to the average of 3-5 years.


Choosing the right-sized solar system is dependent on your energy usage, your future plans; whether you plan to move houses or have more members in your house-hold. A 6.6 system might be more than what you need now, but is something to consider when wanting to future-proof or trying to make the most out of your investment.

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