Muratti Cakes & Gateaux

‘Business plans might build corporate empires but dreams and pure, simple ideas often lead to amazing experiences’
Located in Prospect, South Australia; just a 12 minutes’ drive from Adelaide, stop by for a cup of coffee and one of their delicious desserts. Back in 1990 when Robert Ziolek and Darek Pietka founded the business, it was built on the belief that every suburb deserves a premium quality patisserie that always listens to customers and provides the best experience possible. ‘Over the decades Muratti Cakes & Gateaux have created a reputation for premium quality in specialty cakes, gateaux, pastries, savouries and of course, coffee’.Amen to that! Our system provides energy to this busy café which is full of people at all times which helps them cut down on their overheads considerably. We also pride ourselves in providing the most professional service as possible, and enjoying customer satisfaction; We are committed to making sure you have peace of mind on your journey to an eco-friendly future. Just give us a call and one of our reliable team members will be sure to guide you through each step of the way.