Solar system packages and

Every household’s energy requirements and usage is different. While what system size suits you the best will be determined by your energy bill, no of people using it, house and roof size and some other factors, we have our basic system size starting from 3 k/w upto 10 k/w for residential use. Please note that system sizes can be also be customised as per the energy and the roof situation of the house. We have the basic overview of the systems below.

3KW Systems

A 3kW solar power system would help reduce your bills, but may not cover all of your electricity needs, depending on your household size and lifestyle habits. 3kW solar systems are generally entry level, a 3kW system would produce an average of 12kWh’sof energy for your home every day, less in winter but more in the summer. But for larger homes, large families, or those with lots of appliances, large air conditioning or even a pool, a larger system might be required.

10KW Systems

A 10kW solar power system might just clear your electric bills entirely. 10kW solar power systems are upper end for residential use. As cost of electricity increases, this is perfect for those with really high energy bills or those with average energy use to not rely on the grid. A 10kW system produces an average of 40kWh’s of energy a day, adding a battery could get your home to be 90-95% self-sufficient.

How big of a I get?

Going Solar, it would be best to use the minimal amount of energy as possible, to optimise your energy savings and save more.

The number of solar panels you should use, would depend on your current energy usage and energy goals. There are two keys aspects to consider when thinking of what size of system is suitable for your home.

What do you get
Budget Premium

Product Overview
With our basic line, you get to enjoy the benefits of solar with more affordable costs; start saving sooner.
Our premium line is European designed and manufactured, providing incredible performance; alleviating any worries with its premium quality.
Product Description
The Budget range is designed to be the most cost-effective solutions, while still providing quality performance
The Premium range is composed of top quality materials and designed to be long lasting, also has a longer warranty, letting you have more peace of mind.
Roof Kit
Clean Energy Council ApprovedSolarRoof Kit
Clean Energy Council ApprovedSolarRoof Kit

Q-CELLS Q.Maxx 330W Panels


Q-CELLS Q.Maxx 330W Panels



Goodwe/Solis Inverter


Fronius/SMA Inverter


Solar Perf-ormance Warranty
25 Years Linear performance warranty and 12 years of product warranty.
25 Years Linear performance warranty and 12 years of product warranty
Inverter Warranty
5 Years
10 Years
Install- ation Warranty
5 Years
5 Years

Choosing sizing of your solar power system, reduce the amount of energy from the grid and save money. These are some factors to consider when determining the size of your system.

Send your electric bills over to our team and we can help you review them.

As the sun faces different directions depending on time of day, our team can take a look at your roof for potential panel placement.

Your electricity provider may provide a feed-in tariff when applied for. A feed-in tariff pays you for excess energy generated by your solar system, that goes back into the grid. You may also be eligible for financing options from your energy provider.

This being the length of time it takes for your solar system to pay back your initial investment and enjoy saving money and free electricity!

The most dependable business,which has been
Deciding which solar retailer to choose can be difficult. We at Natural Technology, work hard to make the process as easy as possible. We pride ourselves in providing only the highest quality of products services, we assure you that our systems are built to last, backed by excellent customer support and years of experience being in the business, we have been serving SA since 1984.