2021 Solar Art Prize – ENTRIES NOW OPEN

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Pip Fletcher created the Solar Art Prize in 2010.  She has organised it annually and has been the major sponsor ever since.

This South Australian competition aims to celebrate nature and the environment, and promote the reduction of carbon emissions, in the fight against global warming. Find them on facebook for more info.

2021 Solar Art Prize, open for admission

The Solar Art Prize-Caring for Our Planet is now in its twelfth year with prizes to the value of $21,200 to be awarded, mostly in the form of solar products.  Over the previous eleven years, a total of $342,940 has already been awarded. Download the entry form here. Entries close on 9/4/2021.

Entry fee

ENTRY FEES – according to size including frame & stands. $5 discount for RSASA MEMBERS who enter early (2 weeks before closing date) $10 =– less than an A4 (60 square cm) 2D or 3D base $20 – average size – less than 1square metre for 2D & max 3D base, weight limit 75kg it must safely stand-alone $35 – large 2D size- 1-2square metres $50 – very large 2D size – 2-6 square metres. Entry fees may be paid in cash at the front RSASA desk or by cheque or postal order made out to ‘Solar Art Prize’. ALL MEDIUMS ACCEPTED e.g.oil, w/c, acrylic, digital, photographic, video, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, illustrated books, textile, jewellery, tapestry etc.. All work must be the original creation of the artist.

Painting of Pip Fletcher.  Artist: Cathi Steer, “Concentration”, oil, 2016

Prizes to be won

There is an overall prize of $5,500 voucher for solar products from NTS, or $500 cash, including 1 year RSASA membership and $100 metro bus/train tickets. Prizes are also given to winners of Sections 1,2 & 3 of the competition, this would be $4,800 voucher or 100$ cash plus $100 metro bus/train tickets. Open this website for more details.

What’s it all about

The Solar Art Prize – Caring for Our Planet – is a unique major art prize where several artists each win vouchers for thousands of dollars worth of solar products (solar panels, hot water services, wind power or batteries and now efficient refrigerators) all installed by Natural Technology Systems.  It has attracted a very high standard of diverse and imaginative work in every medium over the years.

Going green

The Prize helps maintain Global Warming and its ramifications in the public eye when some are tempted to be fatalistic and give up trying to do anything. Although it gives a good return on their investment, many still feel they cannot afford solar energy. The Prize gives the artists the chance to win solar vouchers for themselves or their friends in South Australia, thereby lowering their carbon footprint and at the same time saving them money.

Previous winners

The overall winner of the previous 11th Solar Art Prize 2020 was awarded to Terry MacDermot, who won $5,000 voucher including 1 year RSASA membership for his, ‘The Deep Shadow of Ocean Drilling’

NTS Sponsored

We have sponsored the Solar Art Prize since 2010 honouring vouchers presented to winners, also sponsoring one of the prizes in 2016 and 2017. We wholeheartedly give our support to Pip, and we hope to raise awareness on Global Warming and its ramifications.


Terry MacDermot – The Deep Shadow of Ocean Drilling – Overall winner of 2020 11th Solar Art Prize


Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

If sending submissions by Post:

Solar Art Prize

PO Box 721

North Adelaide  SA  5006

You may also deliver artworks to the RSASA building on the corner of North Terrace and Kintore Street, Phone them at 8232 0450



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2021 Solar Art Prize – ENTRIES NOW OPEN

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